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Stinson Securities' personnel has underwritten in excess of $1 billion as sole, senior, or co-managing underwriter. The firm's underwriting experience encompasses general obligation bonds, housing bonds and revenue bonds, varying in credit quality from non-rated to insured AAA-rated financing. Stinson's track record applies traditional financing techniques customized to each client's individual needs.

General Obligation Bonds
Certificates of Participation
Single & Multi-family Housing Bonds
Assessment District
Lease Revenue Bonds
Tax Allocation Financing
Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) Restructuring
Taxable Bonds
Community Facility Districts
Private & Public Golf Course Facilities
501 (c) 3 Non-Profits

Outside the Box
Stinson Securities specializes in thinking 'outside the box.' This philosophy is illustrated in the example of a municipal client that was locked into a disadvantageous contract with Enron. After identifying the specific needs of this client, Stinson Securities structured and sold an $11 million non-rated issue, allowing the municipality to buy out its contract with Enron. In doing so, the issuer saved more than $28 million and met the time constraints Imposed by the Federal Bankruptcy Court in New York.

In another instance, Stinson personnel spent more than a year analyzing a taxable, vacant rent-to-own issue for the Palm Desert Redevelopment Agency. With the help of a nationally recognized bond counsel, the Desert Rose project was converted from a taxable rent-to-own project to a tax-exempt low and moderate income homeownership project. The tax exempt refunding bonds provided 'silent seconds' that allowed eligible buyers to own homes with a down payment of $1000 and monthly payments of less than $1000. The 161-unit project which includes a childcare center and a recreation center, went from vacant to completely sold out within one year.


The Marriott Desert Springs Resort is part of the Palm Desert Redevelopment Agency's Project Areas. Mr. Odom acted as senior / co-senior manager in $250 million of financing for the designated project area including infrastructure for the hotel site (top) and two award-winning municipal golf courses (bottom).